C. • Roman legions was basically put into many years, each one of which consisted of 100 men

censor (SEN soer) letter. step 1. an official for the capacity to examine guides, films, Tv software, etcetera. and eradicate anything objectionable; dos. a formal in times of war who checks out send, development stuff, etcetera. and eliminates things he/she believes can help new adversary -vt. to put a text, copywriter, etcetera. to for example procedures because the simply discussed • Comical George Carlin generated a living off parodying the television censor together with his regime about eight terms and conditions you can’t say on tv. • Within the 2nd Community Combat, anyone at home gotten send from their nearest and dearest regarding the armed pushes that had entire paragraphs blacked out by the fresh new censors. • About Soviet Connection, all paper post try censored. [-ed, -ing, -vessel n.]

millennium (SEN che ree) letter. step one. people course of century; dos. a specific age century matchmaking from the beginning of the brand new Christian (or Well-known) Era; 3. a series, class, otherwise subdivision out of a hundred • A century passed between your origins of your own Western Municipal War and you can all of our wedding inside Vietnam. • Alexander the great stayed in the brand new last millennium B. mental (SIR ib ril otherwise sir EEB ril) adj. step one. in regards to the notice or perhaps the cerebrum; dos. popular with the brand new intellect-maybe not the fresh attitude; mental • A cerebral hemorrhage is not an enjoyable choice. • The newest emotional cortex is the perfect place higher brain properties exist. • Tchaikovsky’s audio is much more psychological than mind. specific (SOER tin) adj. step one. fixed, compensated, or specific; 2. guaranteed to exist; inevitable; 3. undoubtable; unquestionable; cuatro. reliable; dependable; 5. an expense, however very much • • • • •

We will get a particular trading-when you look at the allowance for the dated vehicles. Sunlight is for certain to go up the next day. You can be certain you to definitely Gary the full time the fresh theft. You can be sure away from a good hearing. [-ty n.] [Syn. sure]

issue (CHA linj) letter. 1. a request to have character; 2. questioning; a request to possess research and for a description; step three. a dare otherwise a desire to participate; 4. any job that requires unique energy; 5. a questioning out-of a vote or your directly to vote -vt. to complete any of the preceding some thing • • • • •

Getting the dog to act securely is pretty a challenge

The fresh new sentry gave the issue towards the incoming patrol. It’s problematic to explain Tom’s behaving thus oddly. This new Number answered the Marquis’ challenge so you’re able to a duel. The new committee affiliate confronted the fresh visitor’s right to take part in the fresh new group’s vote. • I was confronted showing my ticket during the theater door. [-d, challenging]

Brief Opinion #fifteen Satisfy the phrase out of line 2 to the keyword off line 1 which means extremely nearly a similar thing. 1. carnivorous

A certain number of individuals will trust things

reputation best hookup Edmonton (KAR ik tir) n. 1. a different sort of draw; dos. people icon or letter that’s included in composing and you can print; step three. version of print or handwriting; cuatro. a magical icon otherwise mystical emblem; a password otherwise cipher; 5. an original high quality otherwise feature; an attribute; a feature; six. extremely important high quality; nature; seven. the fresh personality of individuals or group; 8. status; position; nine. a part during the a gamble, flick, etc. • The latest cabinetmaker noted the newest closet bottom together with individual character so you’re able to pick it as having been made by him. • Omega is the finally character of your own Greek alphabet. • Arabic letters are utilized inside our program from numerals. • Philip’s handwriting has a great deal of profile. • A beneficial pyramid which have a close look is actually a character towards the Higher Close of Usa. • Simple fact is that character of the scorpion to pain indiscriminately. • I recommend Edith due to the fact with reputation of your own highest types. • Sheep feel the profile from flocking together. • The smoothness of your own presidency is the most great-power. • Dont always grab the guidance out of a star, even though the smoothness he plays is that off a doctor on tv. [Syn. feeling, quality]