Burn Old Simon, ye jade, just take Dated Simon and Burn

Particularly Old Simon drest, regardless of if not made regarding wood, However, a soft more youthful Simon off nice Skin and Blood, Hid romantic ‘twixt this new Sheets in which he lays snug but still, Before widow (which simple worst point dreamt zero ill).

With an excellent Keach and a great Yawn and you will a flaccid sigh or one or two, Given that a poor solitary Widdow you are going to well would, No at some point she experienced by herself the comprehensive loving, But stretching for a change a kind Feet and you can a supply; That have a plump heaving Breast, and you can an enjoying Cheek at the side of, She turn’d in order to her Simon one lay-by their front.

Because she provided the type Kiss, on the other hand most of the on an unexpected; She consider she touched a thing that don’t become Wood, To possess one thing she thought that was every soft and you will warm, Nay, for a change some thing stir’d also, but considering no damage, She hug’d your nevertheless nearer, resolv’d getting tried, What had alter’d the fresh new wooden dated Sim by her side.

However, oh, so you’re able to unriddle their unique Ponder! her Fingers Lockt fast within the Welcomes, the Rapture and Charms, Right until melting, and you may dying, all the twinning and pressing, She felt some thing nice, so beyond all of the saying, You to definitely never ever, O never, every Ravisht she cry’d, Very precious a type Simon e’re lay by my personal top.

Brand new Maid was, not right up until near Noon, To have anxiety about distressful their own Mistress too soon, Showed up and knockt during the door, to possess to learn away from their unique Lady, What-for Food she would acquisition having their prepare yourself; Exactly what Bak’d, Boil’d, otherwise Roast, she’d possess their give, ‘Gainst she flower regarding Simon you to definitely lay-by their unique side.

Roast the fresh new Pig therefore the Goose, brand new quick Widow reply’d, Boyl a good stout Foot from Lamb, with Turneys at the side of; Rating a meal out-of fat Partridge, with a decent smother’d Coney, The best would be purchas’d for like and money: Having a dish out-of nice Custards and you may Cheesecakes at the side of, for me personally and you may my personal Dearest that lyes from the my personal front side.

Since quick due to the fact a beneficial Girl, so that as gay while the a bride-to-be, Trips nimbly to sleep, and you can lyes close by their top

Ay, Madam, your own usually would be over, says the newest Maid, But simply nice Mistress, I am painfully afraid, I have maybe not home got Timber sufficient here, To make a fast flames so you’re able to top it a beneficial Brighten; How, Hussy, shout Widdow, wanted fire for your change!

Old Simon was Burnt upcoming, and all his a great Brighten, Try allowed too little getting their particular Sleep-fellow dear; A mindless Old Simon, you to Wood painful Deceive; That have an effective sweeter delicate armful much better supply’d, She’s enjoying Skin and you can Skeleton today to lye by the their particular front side.

This can be an English tale, most likely passionate from the ‘The Widow off Ephesus’ story. For the prose means it is the last tale, #106, ‘Of the new Consuming out of old John,’ in the first English jest guide, Good. C. Mery Tayles , 1526. It actually was rewritten because a tune in both brand new 17th and you will 19th years. One let me reveal out of an excellent broadside ballad of about 1690 in brand new Pepys Ballads, III, p. 306. Brand new tune was C. M. Simpson’s BBBM.

The fresh new Loss of Gluttonous Consume-The, Within my Lord Mayor’s Meal: Otherwise, Tom Brownish as well as the Alderman’s Widow.

[That have a subject by doing this you to definitely will not assume far, and indeed one to does not get far, and you can Tom Brownish himself could have written a better version. Get a hold of Tom Brown’s Pleasure (Brand kvinnor British new Card Tune). The final verse is enough to let you know the good inferiority out of that it variation to that preceeding]

When the widow to bed arrived, she held up their light, That her eyes on her behalf precious husband’s picture you will live for the; And lots of visitors there are, state she passed away from a beneficial fright, While some a pretty story share with toward. You to definitely Betty online day is plagued which have moist timber, And also the flames in order to white did incline brief, In addition to widow bawled away, in a right merry temper, « Oh! curse the brand new timber, Betty, let us burn off old Swallowall. » Oh! Swallowall! Let widow capture caution by your loving deary, And you can widowhood never ever endure, A life ’tis therefore lonely and you may dreary.